We would like to extend a big "THANK YOU" to Bill McGlynn, Andy Graybar Tom Gulick and  a classmate who wishes to remain anonymous, who generously donated to the special events for the evening. 

Any additional donations would be gladly accepted and applied toward the best BRHS reunion EVER!    
Dec 5, 2011

Missing Alumni from BRHS Class of 62

1)  Bob Binetti

2)  Mike Borick

3)  Helen Campanello

4)  Maureen Donahue

5) Pat Dorry

6)  Jeff Gibson

7)  Teresa Heberlein

8)  Ken Jones .

9)  Barbara Kozic

10)  Pat Kotlarchick

11)  Cathy Lazzatti

12)  Mike Lewis

13)  Barbara Marshall

14)  Lois Ann Matteis 

15)  Judy Potter

16)  Robert Schneider

17)  Fred Walker

18)  Carole Wall

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Class of 1962
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